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"Time Constraints"

The guy doing five years cries because of time,

The guy doing ten years wishes he had five,

The guy doing twenty years wishes he had ten,

And the guy doing thirty years - see's no end,

The guy doing life says, "At least you have a release date. I got the same charges as you, but I was convicted in a different State." Injustice!

This true analogy is a prime example on why the mandatory minimum sentencing scheme does not work, will never work, and has never worked. Just as children learn at different paces, likewise the rehabilitation process varies for every man. In 1986, before Federal Parole was extinguished, there were 500,000 prisoners nationwide. Why? Because the prisoners had incentives. They knew that in order to be granted an early release by the parole commission they would have to meaningfully program, get an education and stay out of trouble. Hence, if they chose to buck the system, they ended up serving their full time behind bars. However, if those individuals decided to re-think, re-educate and rehabilitate themselves - then they'd be given an opportunity to serve out the rest of their time at home. More than 80% percent of parolees never came back. Why was parole taken away? Today the recidivism rate is a staggering 70% percent. A total inversion of rehabilitation. Which in turn opened a wide door for mass federal incarceration and subsequently many State legislators followed suit.

America warehouses over 2.5 million people with no federal parole. Many first time offenders, like myself are given disproportionate life sentences. Entire generations have been decimated because of this one congressional act. I encourage every reader of this great Newspaper to write their congressmen, congresswomen, representatives and city officials. During the 2020 presidential debates, both sides, Democrat and Republican realize and have stated publicly (bi-partisan) that the mandatory minimum sentencing scheme was a mistake. However, before those schemes became law, they single handedly revoked federal parole. Instead of barriers, we must build bridges. As long as you have a pulse you have a purpose. I'm praying for you all. In love and in peace. Brother Taquarius.

"Time Constraints"

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