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A Pulse & Purpose

Brother Cor,

I hope this letter finds you well. I decided to write you this way LOL... For me typing is always proficient. How are you doing my brother? I could feel your spirit the other evening as I walked to the chow hall. You are in my heart and in my prayers. Never let go of faith. I repeat what I told you before - "As long as you have a pulse, you have a purpose." I am with you in spirit and truth. A finger that stands alone is easy to break, but a fist is hard to crush. Why? Because all of the fingers come together into a bunch. Hence, I am with you "together", and your Angels are with you, your family is with you, and our ancestors are with you. Christ said the Kingdom of God is in you. And since the Kingdom is within you, this means that all of those old souls reside within you too. Everyone from Abraham, King David to Yeshua Himself. You just have to reach out to them in silent conversation. They will respond. They will respond through dream, through synchronicities, through television, through books, through other people. He will even send His Angels to where you are.

This pandemic has really taken a toll on a lot of people. Quite frankly, I don't believe all the hype surrounding covid. But you know me... I am a Master investigator. There is a lot about to happen in our society. Read Matthew Chapter 24. We are headed to a for sure New World Order (NWO). And the thing is - it's happening before our very eyes. This is the first time since Christ ascended to heaven that nearly "every church" around the world has been closed. It's apostasy! The strip clubs, liquor stores and adult toy stores remain open but it's against the law to worship among the people of your faith. But all glory to God, the Supreme Court just shot down that law in NY. So now they are forced to let people worship. Yet and still, it's like people are putting more trust in a cotton mask than they are putting in their Creator.

We must stay prayerful, vigilant and ready. I don't serve time, but rather I make time serve me. I read, I write, I pray, I meditate. I miss Konia greatly, but one day I will see her again. I realize that Christ used her to save my life. And for that I could never be angry. I only have love in my heart. I have no enemies. Although some may be an enemy towards me, I don't reciprocate the hate. I love. Stay strong my brother.



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